20 steps to Happiness

I’ve stumbled across a post at my favorite website, its the http://thoughtcatalog.com

I’ve been reading this website for about a year now, and it really helps me almost through everything, its all about everything under the sun! you might visit the website I’m talking about at http://thoughtcatalog.com

I just wanna share the post that I have read today, this was posted by

Danielle Ní Dhochartaigh , A physiotherapy student with a hidden love of writing, romance novels, elephants and rock music. 


1. Stop depending so much on others. Stop caring so much about what they think. Their opinions are meaningless and frankly, are none of your business.

2. Think less. Feel more.

3. Start a gratitude diary. Write in it religiously. When you feel down read it, you will find it hard not to smile.

4. Start loving what you have rather than lusting over what you don’t have. Realize how lucky you truly are.

5. Ignore the future. Forget the past. Neither matter. Live, breathe and relish in the now.

6. Stop worrying.

7. Take up a hobby that does not involve sad yet beautifully written romance novels. Fuck catharsis. Go outside, feel the wind dance through your hair.

8. Stop hating your reflection. No amount of make up or reinvention will ever change the face staring back at you. Accept yourself, you will live with her a long time.

9. Love yourself. Because if you don’t then who will?

10. Learn to laugh at your mishaps and misfortunes. Giggles feel better than tears.

11. Mistakes are daily lessons. Revel in their messages rather than stressing over decisions you can’t change.

12. Stop pushing yourself. You’re exhausted. Stop searching crazily for butterflies which will only ever elude you. Relax, breathe and wait. Be patient. You may casually stumble across exactly what you were looking for.

13. Never lie in bed wallowing in your own thoughts. Escape that dark place in the deepest craters of your subconscious mind. Get out of bed. Take a shower. Write a bestseller. Attempt some handstands. Do not go back to bed until tiredness grips your entire body. Wake up happy.

14. Realize that you are completely in control of your own path in life. Screw fate. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. If you wake up one morning and decide you despise your favourite pair of jeans – burn them, donate them to charity, rip them up and create some funky shorts. Leave no room in your life for tolerance, leave room only for love.

15. Understand that you can say no. Never, ever say yes in sheer fear of another’s judgement. They are not you. If you do not want to, scream no from the rooftops, for everyone to hear. Never be a doormat. Regain control of your own destiny.

16. Abolish the idea of perfection. You do not need to be perfect for anyone in anyway. You are beautiful in your own unique and messy way. Cherish that.

17. Stop telling people you love them. Show them instead. Actions speak louder than words.

18. Take a ‘me’ day every so often. Forget work, school, university. Even the laundry and overdue library books. They can wait. Do what you love. If you need extra sleep, do not set your alarm. If you miss the sea breeze, take a trip to the ocean. Find pleasure in the opportunity each new day presents.

19. Treasure your loved ones and hold them close. Remind your parents of how grateful you are for them. Tell them you love them regularly. Buy your best friend a double chocolate chip muffin when she is feeling sad. Listen to your grandparents when they speak of days gone by. Don’t fight with your siblings, be kind. They’re your friends for life. Always hug people goodbye. Never, ever take for granted how lucky you are to have such amazing people in your life.

20. Smile. TC mark

link: http://thoughtcatalog.com/danielle-ni-dhochartaigh/2013/12/20-steps-to-happiness/