Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM and for HER

Christmas is fast approaching and is just around the corner, well, maybe you’re thinking on what gifts to buy for your special someone, it could be your dad, mom, sister, grandparents, best friend, best-man, etc…

Christmas is the season of giving, to show how much we appreciate their value in our life, to thank them for what they have done to you. And mostly to show them that they’re not forgotten after all.

I asked 10 respondents each for girls and boys on what they want for Christmas  and maybe just maybe you could get an idea what to buy for your loved-ones. Christmas rush isn’t finish yet!

For HIM:

1. Who doesn’t love music? i know he does! So this is the first gift boys/men are craving for this Christmas!

Beats by Dre , you can order and find the perfect color to match your lovey here at their website :

2. Alright, i know he’s more excited to buy suits than to buy SOCKS!   So the next on his wish list is a pair of socks! I know he’ll be so happy to receive it as it is goin to be useful for his everyday life.  I like socks from GAP!

3. In the morning, he’s so lazy to go to work and an alarm clock isn’t working, but try to brew some great coffee and pour it into a beautiful coffee mug, and TA-DA! he’ll be up in no time honey!

4. Okay, who here wont agree that boys will be boys? i think none! they will always be that little boy at heart, so the next on our list is the amaziiiiing NBA 2k14!!! he’ll have this huge smile once he opened his present!

5. And the last one on our list, is Car Air Freshener. who doesnt love a car that smells so good! that you just wanna have that endless roadtrip with him!

Now whats in store for us GIRLS? this is the ideal gifts for HER: 

1. Who here never tried singing in the shower? So the first gift that we all wish wants to receive is: the iShower Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, so that we can be our own diva in the shower! hahaha!

2. Now, woman is so strict about time, and we are all about Multi-tasking!! we do 2 to 3 things at the same time! like cooking while talking to someone over the phone while washing the dishes! we are such a WONDERWOMAN!  so the next to top our gift list is a watch: 

3. We girls love, perfume! well, who doesnt? we love to smell good, because it makes you feel good, It a quick pick-me-up(er)!

4.  Who loves surprises? we girls, do!!! like a ticket to somewhere, to a great escape after all the hard days work! After all your ranting boss, you deserve a trip to paradise!

5. They say that ” the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” do you agree? so why not giver her a cook book! not only for new learning and new experiment as well as for your loved-ones! its like eating a t a fancy restaurant everyday! its gonna be a great treat for everyone!

So that’s it! A simple idea for your loved-ones! Go and grab your list and christmas basket and rush to your nearest mall!

I wish you a merry merry Christmas everyone! Wishin you good health to you and your Family!

hope you got something for your jam-packed Christmas Gift List!


Deanna ( )