Keep on Learning…. ( A Traveler’s journal #1)

While sitting on a bench past 8:00 in the evening waiting for my flight back home ( boarding at 10:00 pm)  from MFM – MNL I have thought all of the lessons I’ve learned about life during the trip. How nice it is to meet people, to talk to a complete stranger, to learn something precious from them and all those weird advice that you can’t get from normal people. LOL! (*kidding*) . I love the airport, i love the feeling of liberty, i love to see people  hugs from the arrival area and see people cry from the departure area, mixed emotions indeed, a very peculiar feeling no one can explain, the smell of the cabin when you first stepped-in.  The smile of the cabin crew when they serve you drinks and the most important thing is the feeling of arrival in a foreign place.

    And, I am keep on learning. . . 

  • That everything happens for a reason.
  • That love is not an easy-breezy to get
  • That life will give you the wrong people and learn something from them.
  • That you have to see all the good things on life.
  • That you have to focus on the good
  • To save and travel
  • To laugh as much as you can
  • To have memories by yourself and cherish them forever
  • That you can’t get things so easily, you have to work hard for it.
  • To always remember that you are so blessed.
  • To give yourself more time to heal.
  • To forgive but not to forget.
  • To move the f*ck on!
  • To embrace reality because you have to live and deal with it.
  • To be more careful on trusting people.
  • That some might disappoint you and break your heart.
  • To live life to the fullest.
  • To be a happier person than you were yesterday.
  • To get rid of the people who upset you.
  • To be more kind.
  • To embrace and love yourself more and more …
  • To stop looking for love and let love find you
  • To not to sell yourself short and I deserve only the best
  • To love and love and love again
  • To try and try but to learn from each and every mistakes

thoughts i had lately that really awaken my soul.  How beautiful life is if you learn something from it from every step you make on your journey called life.

Hope you got something from this post!

Cheers! xx

Deanna ( )