Travel to Escape


Some people might told you how young you are, and how you should live your life. on how you should ” Carpe’ Diem”. 

Yes, they are indeed right. You will not be that young again, you will not be that eager again. Some days, you will be tired of living, tired of going to work, tired of your everyday routine from waking up to brushing your teeth and repeat the whole process again the next day. Tiresome isnt it?

But for me, traveling is a form of escape. It allows you to gain a whole new perspective again and again. I know work and life itself can piss you off, i feel you. But that’s why memories were made so that you would have something to hold on when you’re feeling down, when you’re feeling tired.

When I am tired of everything in life,  I just close my eyes and think of the most memorable travel experience I had so far. And after a couple of minutes reminiscing the laughter, the joy, the adrenaline rush I’ve felt before, it makes me feel alive again .It makes me feel and believe that life isn’t really that hard. That you can really do something about it, if you insist.

So, go on! Go on and make a lot of memories, go on and laugh until your tummy aches, cry until there’s no more tears left, travel as much as you can, save as much as you can for that next trip you are dying for. Because after all,  you only have one life and can never get it back. 🙂

Remember, we’re all not getting any younger. *wink    

Hope I’ve inspired you today!


Deanna (