22 Truths You Should Always Keep In Mind While Traveling

And today’s featured post was mine! 22 things you should keep in mind while traveling. Some deeper thoughts. 🙂

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Fernando Rodríguez / flickr.comFernando Rodríguez / flickr.com

How nice it is to meet people, to talk to complete strangers, and to learn those precious and weird pieces of advice that you would never ordinarily hear. I love the airport – that rare feeling of liberty, of seeing emphatic embraces after long-overdue arrivals, and heartfelt tears at departures. A very peculiar feeling, indeed, this collection of different emotions. The distinct, stale smell of the cabin when you first walk in. And that hopeful feeling upon landing, of being in a new, foreign place. How beautiful life is, if you choose to learn from it.

While waiting for my flight home, I began to reflect on my trip and all that I learned. Things I wish I had known or remembered to keep in mind while traveling.

1. That everything happens for a reason.

2. That love is not something you easily attain.

3. That…

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