“Travel Ninja” of PlanMy.Travel


“Let an expert plan your trip! “

I am thrilled to announce that I am now part of PlanMy.Travel! It is a platform where we plan awesome trips!  Whether you’re off on a quick weekend break or the journey of a lifetime, we’ll help you find and hire an expert who will plan it exactly to your tastes and needs.

What you only need to do for hassle-free trips? 

  1. Tell us where you’re going or we’ll help you decide
  2. Start discussing your trip with Travel Ninjas for free
  3. Choose a Travel Ninja Starting at $5
  4. Get a personalized itinerary and unlimited expert advice for planning your trip. Like this on

So if you are planning to visit Asia or the Pearl of the Orient Seas (Philippines) I am more than happy to help you out with your trip, plus will give you recommendations for the best hotels in town. 

You can visit my profile and we can start planning your trip together! 


See you on your next trip!