Highlights: Penang Butterfly Farm

 a1 I am fascinated by butterflies ever since I was a kid, I think of them like magical creatures floating in the air and dusting pixie dust to each and everyone of us. They are like Tinkerbell’s best of friends!

“Butterfly and Four-leaved Clover”


Four-leaved Clover are also known as Lucky Clover. Originally a three-leaved clover (Fabaceae), a four-leaved variance is indeed very rare. A four-leaved clover found in the West is thought to bring “luck”. whereas in Japan, it symb is olizes “happiness”.

It is thought to be able to bring “luck” and “happiness” because: The first leave represents Faith, the second Hope, the third Love and finally Luck. Besides, it is widely recognized by the international community as a symbol of luck due to its singularity. The probability of finding a Four-Leaved Clover among the species is one to ten thousand, which explains its rarity  and the amount of luck required in order to find one.

Well, once you find one, you’re a one lucky human being! Can’t find one? No worries! Nature has given us the flying clovers, namely butterflies with four wings! These pretty butterflies are therefore tasked to revive our spirit. bring us joy and hope and help to regain our will power. They also inculcate love and passion in our mind! In Penang Butterfly Farm, you will encounter tons and tons of floating lucky butterflies!

Quick Guide on how to go there ( from Georgetown) : Ride a KL rapid bus #101 – 4RM/pax back and forth

Entrance Fee: 26RM//pax


Without further ado, I’d like to share with you some snapshots of my visit at the farm! 14445684763_98bc9629c0_o

so on the entrance, this big banner shows their opening hours 


Before entering the magical farm, here’s a photo from the outside. looks like a enchanted forest! 


 That big butterfly was hand-made! no wonder, people in Penang are so artistic! 


beautiful promenade!

So i’ll give you a glimpse on what’s inside this magical place . . .


these butterflies are everywhere!  i cannot get over this place! 


So yes, i kissed a butterfly and i liked it! i felt like I’m the luckiest girl in the world! 🙂 


look closer, and closer… first time in my life I have seen many of them! 


Every time i see a waterfall it makes me happy. 


this is how they spread the love my friend! (plus pollination)


… and keeping the bad guys away! 


what more can be so magical than waking up one morning having this as your garden! 


you can also find this small fish pond, but guys, no fishing please! 


I forgot what it’s called, but it reminds me of the prey mantis from the movie a bugs life! hahaha


Did you know that Butterfly wings are transparent? yes they are! 


On the insect room, these handsome dudes are photo ready! hahaha 


little did you know that  A caterpillar has just one job – to eat. 


so they have this post; the place is small but there’s a lot of place you can go to! 


Lord, can i wake up everyday like this? in this place, in this magical place?! 🙂 


Here fishy fishy! 🙂 


they also have this mini theater to show how we should care for our fellow living things. 


Mom took this shot while going to the insect room, the place is wonderful! 


I cannot imagine eating one of these. can you? 


they have preserved the beauty of these wonderful creatures. I didn’t know that they have something to do with Maleficent! haha 


Did you know that: Butterflies live just 2-4 weeks, usually.During that time, it focuses all its energy on two tasks – eating and mating. funny but true! 


look at their colors! so vibrant! Love how they preserve it! 


And this is me with Omi! (looked like a happy kido) haha 

Wrapping it all up, our trip to the butterfly farm is one-of-a-kind. We also have butterfly gardens in the Philippines, but sad to say, they aren’t well preserved. Everything is so enchanting, its like living a “simple dream”. True that simplicity is beauty! How can you not love butterflies? It gives you luck, it gives you hope, it widens your imagination just by looking at them and I’d like to share with you some lesson we could all learn from a butterfly (got from pyshologytoday.com)

Lesson One:  If nothing changes, nothing changes. In order to come into form, a butterfly develops through a process called metamorphosis that has four stages; each stage is fully dependent on the other. While change can at times feel painful, if we don’t allow ourselves to go through the all stages of change, nothing will ultimately change.  We will stay in the same form. This inhibits us from flying.

Lesson Two: Everything we are taking in will be fuel and nourishment for our new form. During the first stage, the “feeding stage,” the caterpillar’s job is to eat and eat and eat.  It fills itself with nourishment as the food eaten at this time is stored and used later as an adult.  Trust that the process of nourishing yourself with experiences is ultimately feeding your future form—even if the experiences are particularly challenging.

Lesson Three: Shedding of old patterns are necessary. As the caterpillar grows, it “splits its skin” and sheds its skin 4 or 5 times. How valuable to look at this movement as a mandatory process of shedding, expansion, and that this must occur not once but over and over.

Lesson Four: Solitude provides space and time for internalization.When the caterpillar is full-grown and stops eating, it becomes a chrysalis.  Depending on the species, the caterpillar may suspend itself under a branch, hide in the leaves or bury itself underground. During times of transition, we too may need to go “underground” to hibernate and give our body and mind the space to go internal. What is significant about this stage and important for our own emotional and personal transition is that while visually it may look like nothing is going on, instead, big changes are happening inside. Special cells that were present in the caterpillar are now growing rapidly. They will become the legs, wings, eyes, and other parts of the adult butterfly.  This stage can last from a few weeks, a month, or even longer.

Lesson Five: Sometimes a “breaking down” must occur in order for restructuring to begin.  During this phase of rapid internal growth, the caterpillar actually has to “break down its parts” or “liquefy” in order to come into another form.  If we relate this process to some of life’s transitions, it actually means that our body requires a giving in or a metaphorical “melting” into the process.  However, this movement process of letting go of something in order to grab onto something else actually means that for a period of time we may feel like we are holding on to nothing. We may not consciously identify what is happening to us during times of uncertainty, but our body can sense the change and can have a range of emotional reactions.  By examining the caterpillar’s physical breaking down of form in order for restructuring to happen as a metaphor, it may provide some guidance during these uncertain feelings, normalizing this part as an important stage in the transition. Be kind to yourself during times of transition. Your body is undergoing a new sensory experience.  By reflecting on these five lessons, we can continue to learn from the movements of metamorphosis that may to lead us to satisfying transformation into new “forms”.

Some useful links you might find helpful : Penang Butterfly Farm – http://www.butterfly-insect.com/

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