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Everything gets messy when you take all of your clothes from your closet just to find that perfect shirt that you want to wear for a holiday. Sometimes I cannot even notice when I need to unplug my charger or if someone is knocking on my door for a visit. I’m a type of traveller which everything should be organized, from the documents I have to bring up to how many bobby and emergency pins that should be in my emergency kit. Sometimes preparing for a vacation can be stressful.

How do you prepare for that much-awaited vacation? Do you just pack and go? Do you just let your loved-one pack for you? Or are you that person who really takes care of everything from making sure that all of the windows are closed and all the keys are in their proper places?

May you be a tourist or a traveller, we all have our own big and little ways on how we prepare before we hop on that plane and have fun, so I am here to give you some tips for a stress-free vacation!
I would like to share my #PreparationforVacation List, with the help of some tips, products and services you will also get through it!

1. Secure your home
You might be travelling for vacation or for holiday, because you have been working so hard and needed some time to unwind. Most of your possessions are inside your home, so you don’t want to be thinking if someone just break into your house while you are having fun, or if your neighbour is mowing the grass that you have waited for so long to grow ( oh! No!).

So setting up a camera at home like DropCam to check in on your home while you are away.
Why is it different from your normal CCTV? With DropCam you can download the application online whether you are using an Android Phone or an Apple. You will receive alerts for motion and sound on your smartphone, or other devices! You can save a clip and view it later straight from your smartphone! And not only that you can also share a clip with your family and friends, plus you can create many zones and receive alerts. This way, you are at peace even if you are 355 miles away from home.
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2. Prepare for Finances
I usually received a lot of questions on how I prepare all of my finances, my answer is to list down all of my expected expenses. And you also don’t want to forget to call all of your bank or credit card Company at least 3 days before you leave. It is to avoid your account getting tagged as fraud when you make consecutive purchases overseas.

3. Budget
Always keep a journal with you, not only you can write a lot of things while you are traveling but as well as to budget all of your expenses for souvenirs , side adventures and emergencies.
When you budget your money, makes sure that you will cover everything from day 1. Ideally, you have to stick to your budget, but if it gets out of control at least you have an idea.
I also love to read forums and discussions from travellers who have visited the place, it is always good to learn from people from time to time.

4. Exchange currency
You have to check the current exchange rate. It always changes from time to time so at least know the trend if which month or date is it best to exchange your money. But also a lot of Financial Institution offers a “Travel Money”, like my Debit Card which does not charge me any fees at all even when I travel abroad for any of my withdrawals, as long as I use its own ATM, I don’t have anything to worry! It could save you a fortune in the long run, if you travel frequently.

5. Back-up Documents
Sometimes we tend to misplace the most important document/s when we travel. Like, forgetting my printed plane Itinerary in my hotel room or left it somewhere in the airport. So what I usually do is to send all of my important travel documents to my e-mail address for future references. Some of the airports can accept travel itinerary that is saved on your phone, they will just provide you a boarding pass. Trust me, you will thank your e-mail address one day!

6. Pack Smart
Don’t pack like you will visit a place for a year when in fact you will just be there for 4 nights and 5 days. Check the weather, pack appropriately and have separate pouches for your toiletries, make-ups, and small things you carry. Also, rolling your clothes like jelly rolls will save you tons of space compared to just dumping your clothes into your luggage. I’ve learned this the hard way, promise!

7. Carry first aid
Aside from bringing your prescribed medicines (if any), carrying first aid medicines will save you for any emergencies you might encounter. Bandages, ibuprofen, and allergy medicines are a must on your first aid travel kit.

8. Bring Snacks
Let’s admit it, not all of us loves plane foods, and airport restaurants is quite a bit expensive. So you might as well bring some crackers, a bottle of water and some snacks in your bag. You’ll never know if your next flight would be delayed, it is so much better to have these while waiting for you to board.

9. Charge up
Before you leave your home make sure that all of your devices are full charge, but never forget to unplug it too! Extra batteries, check! Power bank, check! Extra memory card, check! You don’t want to miss to capture that beautiful view just because your battery just died. Capture memories and cherish them forever!

10. Have fun!
Remember why did you go for a vacation in the first place? It is simple, you want to have fun either alone, with a group or with someone you love. Take a break from the real world and let your soul be refreshed by the sun, sea, sand and breath-taking views. Forget all your worries for the mean time and just enjoy the moment!

#PreparationforVacation can be a nightmare, but with proper planning, tools and advice it can be as smooth as your plans! So let me go back to my first question, how do you prepare for a Vacation? I would love to know your ways and learn something from it too! Carpe’ Diem!

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