Never Date A Guy Who Travels


Never Date a guy who travels, he won’t understand the value of time;

He is lost in the breeze of the sea and the waves that crashes the shore.

 Never Date a guy who travels, he doesn’t believe in the magic of a companion;

You will see him alone wandering on his own and drowning in thoughts.

 Never Date a guy who travels, he doesn’t leave a trail and he won’t be found;

The fresh-shaved scent that lingers in your skin and sends a shiver in your spine, won’t be long until it’s gone.

 Never Date a guy who travels,  he normally eats breakfast at dinner and lunch at dawn;

His system won’t understand the food he eats, it is a mixture of emotions with excitement on the side, and you won’t understand.

 Never Date a guy who travels, he knows each and everything on what the world can offer;

He won’t give you directions, he will let you explore;  the blindness you see is the opposite on the light that peaks through his soul.

 Never Date a guy who travels, he comes and he goes;

The itch inside of him won’t be cured, he will enter your life and slowly leaves, but his shadow will stay forever.

 Never Date a guy who travels, he is afraid of relationships like the sun and the moon can’t be together in the same orbit;

He doesn’t want to be attached, he hops from one plane to another, he sleeps on train and find himself waking up in a different city  and he doesn’t mind being lost.

Never Date A Guy Who Travels.

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