So You Want To Travel Alone?


I won’t ask you why, I won’t ask you for any reasons why you wanted to. I exactly know the feeling of daring yourself into braving new heights, new challenges, new world. It’s on everyone’s bucket list to travel solo at least once in their life. If I am not mistaken it’s on top your travel bucket list. Am I right? Or Am I right?

The feeling of wandering by yourself in a foreign country where everyone is a complete stranger. The feeling of fulfillment when you have the courage to have dinner alone, to reveal the truest form of yourself, the urge to discover yourself more, and the excitement you feel to meet new people who will later on leave a mark in your life that you will cherish forever.

Traveling alone can be scary; most people think its absolutely ridiculous to travel by yourself! You can be raped, you can be ripped-off, pick-pockets, in short you can be in danger. But for me, those people who think about the negative sides are the people who are so afraid to get out of their shell and explore the world!

Remember, there is always a big wall between your Dreams and your comfort zone. In order to achieve your dreams, you have to get out of your comfort zone and yes, that is the time that you will start living your dream.


So Why Travel Alone?


  • It makes you stronger
  • You discover something within yourself and you will be surprised!
  • It widens your perspective in life
  • You meet new people
  • It gives you fuel to keep going with your life


Those are some of the top reasons of what traveling alone can do to you. I have already blogged about ” 10 reasons of traveling alone”.


This will be about how can you be safe and enjoy at the same time if ever you have decided to travel on your own.


  1. Travel light

Just bring a back-pack or one luggage that you can carry with your two hands. Whenever I travel alone, I only hand carry them and throw them inside the cabin latch. Just bring what you can carry to avoid asking for help, well, don’t get me wrong! It’s also one of the ways to earn a friend but you can’t trust your luggage to someone. And always keep an eye on your things, i mean, ALWAYS! Put a lock on it and never leave it unattended.


       2. Prepare  all the Documents needed

Traveling alone will question some of the Immigration Officer, they might doubt your reasons. But, if you have all the proper documents with you, there are no reasons to off-load you. And  of course, always tell the truth on why you are traveling solo.



Don’t act like you don’t know anything about the place! Some people will take advantage of you, some will try to help. Have your research done at least 2 weeks prior to your a travel dates, it will really help you! Research at least the basics on how to say “thank you” and “goodbye”  in their native language.


4. Don’t be afraid to ask

Getting lost is a mixture of excitement and sometimes frustration. If you are lost, go to a security officer or locals or to be sure go to the police station to ask for directions.   They will be glad to help you reach your destination and also making friends with the locals.


     5. Learn how to Bargain

Being alone on a foreign land without knowing anyone can be sometimes hard specially when it comes to prices. Bargain , bargain ,bargain. Say for example in Bali, Indonesia , almost everyone will try to sell you anything! From products to services, and to get the most out of your money, you have to bargain! Most of them tends to over price. Ask them first how much is the product, then give them a lower price, if they won’t let you have it, try to say “thank you” and walk away, then they will turn to you and will sell you the stuff. Magic! Haha!


6. Always trust your GUTS

Trusting your guts is very important, it will send you signals for your decision-making. If you feel that you will be in danger, then don’t do it! If you feel that you can do something without getting into an accident, then go on! Your guts is like your twin! Always remember!


7. Be Alert All the Time

When you travel solo, you don’t have someone to depend on. For example at a pub, you have to be observant of the people you are mingling with. Guard your drinks! Someone can just tap some drugs on your drinks and that’s not a good experience! Always be alert each and every single time!


8. Be Responsible

You are traveling solo, you have to be responsible for yourself and for those people you’ve left back in your country. Remember that your trip should be filled with joys and memories, not accidents and hospitals! Be a responsible traveler, don’t drive if you can’t; Throw your own garbage in their proper bins, and most of all be the person who you want to meet.


So those are the things to keep in mind if you want to travel on your own.  During my solo trip, I had so much fun! I have realized so many things about life, met new people, learned new things and tried new culture. I will be posting my experiences  during my trip, so much funny stories to share with you!

If you have anything to add on the list, feel free to  drop a comment below!



Deanna ( )