Guest Bloggers are now welcome! ♥


Want your post to be featured on You have some brilliant idea on how to smart-pack? Any places you have visited recently? Want to expand your readers? Or just want to share some easy-breezy tips and tricks while traveling?  How to score cheap airfares? Anything you can think of about traveling will do!

TalkAboutBeauty is now accepting guest bloggers/ guest posts! ♥

There will be 2 sections in one category:

  1. Fernweh Friday  – Every Friday, an article from one guest blogger will be posted. It can be anything about traveling! i.e: tips, ideas, advice, article, travel poet, stories.   (Fernweh n (genitive Fernwehes or Fernwehsno plural – meaning :  an ache for distant places; the craving for travel)
  2. Travel bug Tuesday   – Every Tuesday, I will feature a Travel Blogger and what makes them one. And get ready to get to know more about them!  ( exciting Q&A’s!)

To all of you my lovely readers who would like to be a part of this project will receive a surprise from me ( not a luxe, but it’s surely from the bottom of my ♥ )   please shoot me an email at, and you will receive a response within 24 hours with the Guidelines and Questionnaires. 🙂

Would love to have you on board! Hope this cheers you up! See you in my blog!

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Happy travels!


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