Wanderlust: Bali, Indonesia (Day 1 – Seminyak)


The thought of traveling alone scared me at first, I know it’s normal to be frightened, anxious, feeling you want to give up and just forget your flight. But, going for an escape to one of the most beautiful place to watch both sunset and sunrise in the world is so fulfilling. I had a bucket list on what to do and where to go in Bali but guess what it exceeded my expectations!

A magical place where you can be completely yourself, party like there will be no sunrise the next day. The sense of being lost in a foreign place, the taste of each and every delicacies, the smile of a complete stranger, answering questions from “what’s your name?” and “where you from?”, sun-kissed skin, untold stories, drunken moments, drunk driving; I will call it memories in Bali.

Bali is known as the “Island of  the Gods” where temples are everywhere! You  will be amazed  how accommodating the people are, you can ride a scooter anywhere given that someone will drive you wherever you want to go. Their culture, beliefs and religion amazed me in a way where you will only not be curious but also learn their own way of living in depth. Its a not-so-tiny island which is 6 hours from the land down under and 4 hours from Manila, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Bali Indonesia is named as one of the best tourist spot in the world for having one of the most both amazing sunset and sunrise; a melting pot of French, Aussie, Korean, Malaysian almost most races in the world. But mostly, you will see a lot of Australians, they call it “little Australia”. It’s their own resting pot, where they can spend chunk of their money and get so much from it (compared to AU, where everything is so expensive).

There are few modes of transportation in Bali:

A.) Taxi  ( Bluebird Metered Taxi) – minimum rate is 30,000 Rupiah

B.) Scooter – 50,000 Rupiah/day

C.) Private Car   – 500,000 with or without a driver for 10 hours

First of all, bear in mind that in Bali, traffic is everywhere specially in Kuta and Legian. It can also get worst during the night since Legian and Kuta are party places where everyone gets drunk  (kidding). If you are planning to ride a scooter or drive a car, you have to bring your International Driver’s License since Police Officer or   Security Officers can stop you for a check point and you might get in trouble if you don’t have your IDL handy.

There are 2 kinds of Police in Indonesia, one is the Government Police and the other one is the Culture Police where I’ve heard from one of my friend that Culture Police are strict but kind!

I will be going to blog about my trip in 2 parts, first part would be this plus my Day 1 & 2 in Bali Indonesia; and the second part would be my Day 3 and 4 in the Island of the Gods. So let me give you a glimpse of my Day 1 in Bali Indonesia:



I was pretty amazed of their Airport, it’s not as big as HK, but to tell you honestly it give you that Indonesian vibe already once you set your foot in.

Day 1 : Stayed in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia –  for my first 2 nights. Seminyak is a mixed tourist / residential area on the west coast of Bali just north of Kuta and Legian. Originally a separate township, this is now just another suburb of Kuta. And, it’s where posh places are. Here are my snapshots during my 1st day in Seminyak.

v2Oh! Bali is so colorful. found this super cool “whole in the wall” restaurant. very chill!

v1These are small offering baskets “canang siri” that Balinese offer to their Gods three times a day.


These are everywhere! Little cute Balinese sculpted in a stone. It gives you an idea how Balinese are.


Found this store with these beach sack chairs. so colorful, so lovely! 🙂 


Bali is rich of various flowers. And there are many sides of Balinese culture using flowers as the material for instances: the offerings in their religious aspects and the decorations. The Water Lilly, Lotus, Lilly, Orchid, Frangipani, Ixora, Gardenia, etc. those are commonly found in Bali. They are naturally grown and some of them are cultivated and developed into flowers arrangement products.

So here are some of my snapshots taken at Seminyak Beach 


How amazing it is just to sit here and do nothing while sipping your beer and watching the sunset.


The waves in Seminyak is so big that you couldn’t swim. I have tried body surfing here too and I really loved it!

The beach seats can be rented for around 5o,000 Rupiah until sunset. What a nice view to just relax. 


I think this is the prettiest shot I took. hehe 


The dog was so happy that he got to run freely! I’ve seen him running around non-stop! 


Surfers are everywhere! Bali is a surfing spot and very gentle for beginners as well. 

b5 b9

These guys are surely a spot-on! haha


I think this pair of chair by the beach is for couples, well… guess not! Someday I will be sharing the othr seat with someone I love. ♥


Walk by the beach – Check!


I met Inti ( Marketing Manager of Binggo Bali Villas) she is super kind. the nicest person i’ve met in Bali!  This photo was taken at Ku De Ta. The feeling of having a drink on your hand and having a small talk with your friend while watching the sunset is the most amazing feeling in the world! 

 Here’s at least 5 words you should learn:

Thank you – Terima Kasih

Goodbye – Selamat Tinggal

No, thank you Tidak… Terima Kasih

Walk, walk (will just walk ) jalan jalan

WelcomeSelamat Datang

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