#TAB Fernweh Friday – Tips for Blogging on the Road


Author: Gloria Truong – I’m very excited to have been invited to guest blog on talkaboutbeauty.co. I have wanted to write about blogging on the road for a while since I often blog to keep family and friends updated on where and what I’m doing but it’s not always so easy.

Sometimes, it’s hard to just hunker down for an hour or two to put together a post when I’m on constantly on the move or want to make the best of seeing all the sights in one day. I often found myself writing late at night, after a long day of adventures. If you’re absolutely certain about blogging on the road, here are five tips to help you keep up:

1. Have a plan. If you know where you’re going to be and what places you’re visiting – it’s worth doing a bit of research prior to getting that place. This way you will have some background info on what you want to see and write about.

2. Take photos, lots of photos. It’s nice to sometimes just have a gallery post and let readers write their own narrative.

3. Keep a journal and write notes. As useful as photos maybe in jogging your memory, I found that writing notes in a journal was very helpful in reminding me of little things that happened.

4. Set some time aside and actually focus on writing. Treat it like a freelance job and once your post is done, it’s off to the next adventure!

5. Write in stages. If you’re short on time, write a post in a couple sittings. It’ll take the pressure off on having to produce something mediocre versus something from the heart and well-thought out.

If you find it too hard, send family and friends an email update with a photo or two of where you are and where you’re off to next or write postcards (find a café nearby and write your heart away!). Sift through your notes and blog when you get home – it takes a lot of the stress off of you while travelling and remember, you’re allowed just enjoy your trip.Let me know in the comments below on how you deal with blogging on the road.

Article by: Gloria Truong

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