#TAB – Travel Bug Tuesday : Genevieve


 Genevieve of http://www.thewanderbug.com,  a twenty one year old travel junkie with a nose for finding the locals brewing, growing, baking, distilling and making the best bounty a region has to offer.

If she’s not in search of food, She’s hunting down killer views in a constant battle between her adventurous eyeballs and her lifelong fear of heights firmly rooted in the rest of her body.

Let’s know more about Genevieve! ♥

1. What fuels you to travel? What inspires you?

         I’m addicted to the thrill of new experiences and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m inspired by the idea of getting under the skin of a destination and discovering its defining characteristics and personality through the history, culture, food and people.

2. What countries have you visited already?

       I live in Australia and have travelled to New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Austria, Monaco and the Netherlands.

3. When was the first time you have traveled and what country did you visit?

          The first other country I visited was New Zealand when I was twelve years old – but the travel bug didn’t really bite until I visited France and all of the other countries above (except Turkey & Greece) when I was nineteen.

4. Where are you now and where’s your next stop?

          I’m in Brisbane, Australia and my next stop is within my own state, Queensland. I’ll be visiting the Whitsundays, Townsville and Cairns. I can’t wait to visit Whitehaven Beach (one of the most beautiful and pristine in the world!), lots of islands, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Stay tuned for posts and photos! You can follow my travels as-they-happen by following my Instagram account, wanderbug_world

5. Name 6 travel essentials that you can’t live without when travelling.

  • Camera 
  • Toothbrush
  • Notebook
  • Neck pillow 
  • A cotton scarf – can be used to cover bare shoulders when entering a place of worship, for keeping warm without lugging around a jumper, as a make-do towel or sarong for a spontaneous trip to the beach and as an emergency towel to mop up your airplane seat when the passenger beside you spills water on it while you’re in the bathroom – it’s happened!
  • Good walking shoes

6. What kind of traveler are you? ( flash packer/ back packer/ lux packer)

            I love a bit of luxury, but I’ll always choose being able to spend more time travelling then on a fancy hotel or resort. I generally go for the middle ground, staying in locally-owned B&Bs but never skimping on experiences – this is why I travel!

7. What is your dream destination and why?

         Spain. Paris is my favourite city in the world, but Spain is my favourite country – there are so many more cities and towns I am dying to visit!

8. Your most favorite travel photo that you took and the story behind it ( please attach the photo as well )


       When I was studying in Paris, I lived in the neighbourhood of Montparnasse, but it wasn’t until I was back again last year that I stumbled across this beautiful silhouette around dusk. Just goes to show, a place is never “done” and there is always more to see!

9. Have you ever traveled solo? How was it? If not yet, what’s your thought about traveling solo?

Technically yes, I’ve flown internationally by myself a few times, one of which was when I was going to study in Paris and knew no one, but I made a great group of friends when I got there. I haven’t travelled around solo yet.

I’m not saying I’d never do it, because I really enjoy my alone time and am happy exploring on my own, but so far I love having a friend with me because you’ll always have someone to reminisce about your trip with. I was wandering around Paris one day by myself, early on in the studying abroad placement, and saw so many beautiful things and I remember wishing I had someone with me to share it with.

Be warned though, travelling together will put your friendship or relationship to the test! I’ve been lucky to always come back closer to my travel buddy, but think carefully about who you go with!

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