#TAB Travel Bug Tuesday: ThisFitBlonde


Featuring Amanda of ThisFitBlonde!  She’s a a woman with serious wanderlust getting married to a man who lives to travel (and grew up overseas), so much of their free time is spent planning their next trip.  At home, she is  a personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach, which means that when she travel she is always looking for the best (and safest!) running routes, hotel gyms, and fitness trends in new places.  Check out her blog thisfitblonde.wordpress.com to learn about where she has been, where she’s going, and ways to stay healthy no matter where you are in the world. Getting to know more about her Amanda: 

What fuels you to travel?  What inspires you?  
I have wanted to travel from a young age – ever since I was old enough to know that the world didn’t begin and end in my little Chicago suburb, I have wanted to see what lies beyond.  I am inspired primarily by food – what locals eat, how it is prepared, what constitutes a “delicacy” or specialty in a given place – but also by gorgeous scenery, vibrant landscapes, and natural beauty.
What countries have you visited already?  
Ready for the full gamut?  Here we go (in order!): Mexico, France, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, and Ireland.  We are headed to Turkey, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Dubai for our honeymoon and I cannot wait to see more of this big planet!
When was the first time you have traveled and what country did you visit?
I am going to take this as the first time I traveled alone (i.e. without my parents) – and that would be France.  My parents sent me on a study abroad foreign exchange program when I was 15 and it was my first time leaving North America.  I stayed just outside Paris, in a suburb named Rueil Malmaison, and was able to attend high school with my exchange partner, visit the city and surrounding areas (including the Palace of Versailles, a lifelong memory) and integrate myself into the teenage culture of that area.  I credit this trip with my travel bug “incubation.”
Where are you now and where’s your next stop?  
I call Los Angeles home and my next big trip (aside from weekends in Phoenix, Seattle, and San Diego) is my honeymoon – Turkey, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.
Name 6 travel essentials you can’t live without when traveling.
 Plug adaptor, inflatable pillow and travel blanket set, Embryolisse moisturizer, compression stockings, a camera phone enabled with GPS, and my Fitbit!
What kind of traveler are you (flash packer / back packer / lux packer)?  
Lux packer, for sure.  I don’t leave home without a blowdryer and makeup kit.  That said, I am the outdoorsy type, so I also have to have my running shoes, visor, and headphones no matter where I travel.
What is your dream destination and why?  
Outside the places I mentioned we are headed next year, I can’t wait to visit a new continent – Africa – either South Africa for the history and safari potential or Morocco for the Middle Eastern feel and culture.
Your most favorite travel photo that you took and the story behind it.  
photo (2)
This wonderfully romantic shot of my fiance and I kissing outside the most romantic place he’s ever taken me – the Taj Mahal.  He proposed to me the night that we left for India and seeing the Taj Mahal was the realization of two dreams I’d had all my life – to visit India and to get married to my best friend.  I will always cherish this photo and the 10-day trip that followed it!
Have you ever traveled solo?  How was it?  If not yet, what’s your thought about traveling solo?  
I’ve never traveled solo but I absolutely would – I feel that solo travel is important in transitional times, for example, when going off to college, after a divorce, or when becoming an empty-nester.  I know that solo travel is in my future – I just have to wait for the right time.

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