Top 7 Best Travel Apps for Mobile

APP Traveling or going for your most awaited vacation should be stress-free. Most of the time i want everything to be organized from my what airline should I choose, where should I stay, etc. During your planning phase, there are a lot of travel apps out there that is suitable for your device, may it be an apple, android, tablets, so on and so forth that you can download. . But choosing the most effective and convenient travel applications will help you have the most amazing vacation ever!  Some of the travel apps also helps you maximize your time for planning and researching which can also give you offline access, so that while you are waiting to board your next flight you can get some tips and recommendations from experienced travellers all over the world on where you can eat, where you can stay, what places to visit and exciting things to try! Here are some travel apps that were ranked the highest in terms of ratings from travel bloggers, I use and highly recommend that you download all of them!

1. Trip Advisor  TripAdvisor is a travel website providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-generated content. (wikipedia).  It gives you an idea if a certain hotel, restaurant, hostel, etc. are a good place to visit or not. It provides a transparent feedback from the customers who have experienced the service already. It also allows you to rate the place or the service provided. Available on: Android and Apple Device (img source)

2. Currency Converter Now this is one of my favorite apps ever that really helped me when I having a hard time converting from one currency to another. It gives you real-time Foreign Exchange Rate on that specific date. It also gives you offline access provided that you have to connect to a WIFI or DATA to download the most recent conversion data. Available on: Android and Apple Device

3. Google Maps  Afraid of getting lost in a country or city that you have no idea where to go to? Fret not! Google maps was ranked as one of the most helpful apps! It also provides offline access that you can save it and use it for later or for future reference.  It also gives you directions on how to go from one place to another. Available on: Android and Apple Device

4. I have been a fan of given the fact that and are sisters! Yes! they are owned by Priceline Company. offers a wide range of accommodation with very good and cheap rates! What I like about is that they will not let you pay any deposit fees, it means that you will pay the full hotel price upon arrival in the hotel of your choice.  They will only be needing your credit card details to guarantee your booking. Amazeballs!! Available on: Android and Apple Device

5. Viber Traveling can cause serious feeling of being homesick. But Viber offers a wide range of service from free messaging to video calls to keep in touch with your loved ones while you are 350,000 miles away from them. You can also send stickers and voice messages too! Available on: Android and Apple Device

6. Sky Scanner  Skyscanner is a passenger flight, hotel and car hire search engine that allows users to browse for flights, hotels and cars via price and location. It helps you score the cheapest flight/s available! It’s so easy to use and very reliable!

7. Createtrips for Apple Device The most stylish App for your Apple Device! A Social trip planner for the Smart travellers! You can buy a TravelBook for a certain destination that you are planning to visit! One good thing about this is that there are numbers of experienced travel bloggers that gives you smart tips and guides on your next travel destination! You can actually download it for offline use plus a map for a guide! How awesome!!! Our fast-paced technology is really amazing nowadays compared before, it gives us more convenience and hassle-free planning and navigation. In just one touch, the world is yours!

What are your best travel apps for mobile that you can recommend? Would love to try it too! Leave your comments below. ♥

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