Z Hostel: A luxury hostel for the smart traveller

IMG_0293_edited     Comfort, convenience, great service and good location are one of the main things we look for when finding an accommodation for our trip.  We look for 5 star hotels with excellent service, etc. Travelling around Asia in between work let me meet travelers from all walks of life, endless interesting conversation from our trips, unforgettable experiences encountered, exchanging stories about the Hostel Life and many more.      When you think about the “normal hostel” it makes you think about shrugging your shoulders and just pay an extra amount of money for comfort and convenience.  But I came across a Hostel in Manila, Philippines just right in the center of the Makati which is far from what I have expected (pretty interesting, which will change your perception about hostels; And with that, I am definitely sure of).

Don’t get me wrong, I still like 5 star fancy hotels, their great “princess-like-service”, the gym, the swimming pool, and the like. But, the moment you stayed in 5 star hotels in a consecutive manner loses the excitement of meeting new and interesting people or travelers and becomes pretty much boring in such a way that you can picture me laying on the bed with an ice cream on my left hand, pizza sitting on the bed, watching whatever channel I came across with that the hotel provides and just staying in bed the whole night until I fall asleep. (Tell me if this is not boring, at all)

I met a friend (Z  Hostels part-owner and Chief of Good Vibes, Mr. Cao Ocampo) and was invited to stay in the Philippines First Luxury Hostel called Z Hostel. I didn’t expect it to be more of a “mini-hotel”.  It was elegant, I like the natural colors painted all over the building! I’ve stayed in some hostels in Hong Kong and this one is incomparable to those hotels I’ve stayed in.  It has a big lobby, a built-in locker which you can fit-in your one big luggage, a roof-top for  some “Slowdown Sunday” and more. They say first impression last, well not until I stepped into this Luxury Hostel in Makati, PH.  Great Service, friendly Staff, cool ambiance and one way to meet fellow travelers from different parts of the world! They have two roof-decks with an amazing view, you can even play beer-pong with the guests or you can just relax and read a book at the lobby!

   Z Hostel is centrally located at 5660 Don Pedro St., Makati City in the Philippines.

Here are the type of rooms and their introductory rates:

Mixed Dorm 8 pax               –      $22

Mixed Dorm 6 pax                –     $30

All Female Dorm 6 pax        –     $30

Mixed Dorm 4 pax                –    $24

Private Room 2 pax (max)  –     $60

*All with free breakfast. Free WiFi is also available.

 Let me show you some snapshots of Z Hostel:


A seven-story building sitting in the heart of Makati, Manila PH.


Step into their stunning and accommodating lobby


Guessing what to eat and where to eat? Don’t be shy to approach the staff in their lobby for recommendations!


They even have reading lounge, just don’t forget the “old hostel tradition” 🙂


Don’t you just imagine yourself sitting right there with a coffee and a book?

The Rooms

As mentioned above, they have 30 different rooms to choose from. Here’s what I like about the rooms:

  • Reading lights in all bunk beds
  • Air-conditioned in all rooms
  • The door and lockers open with keycard
  • The luggage storage is huge as well as the lockers
  • Socket plug-ins everywhere to recharge your gadgets!
  • Wide windows in ALL their rooms for a spectacular view of the city.
  • Tidy and Comfortable ( Don’t worry, they change sheets everyday!)


IMG_0169_edited IMG_0158_edited IMG_0219_edited IMG_0185_edited



Comfort Room/Shower Room

Hot and cold water in all showers

EN-SUITE bathrooms in ALL of their rooms

*fancy shower curtains hehe

IMG_0168_edited IMG_0167_edited

The Private Room

If you need a little privacy, they have a private room for 2 person (maximum). The setup is really a hotel like atmosphere. I cannot even think if it’s a hostel anymore. hahaha

IMG_0232_edited IMG_0229_edited IMG_0243_edited IMG_0240_edited

And… (*drum roll!!!!) My favorite part of the Hostel is their rooftop decks with a spectacular view! Here you can meet like-minded travelers while sipping your favorite drink! They even have a mobile bar to serve you ( AWESOME!)

They also have “Slowdown Sunday” where guests can invite friends for a beer and some chit-chat!

IMG_0259_edited IMG_0258_edited IMG_0250_edited


Gaming/Theater Room

Feeling like a couch potato? Just right beside their roof deck is their gaming/theater room. Or you can even spin the DJ in you!

IMG_0270_edited IMG_0277_edited IMG_0263_edited

Overall, this hotel is indeed the “First Luxury Hostel in the Philippines”. It also has an elevator and CCTV. They will also open  a Bar/Café plus a Restaurant with big dining area.



Useful Links:

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