Travelbook: Top 5 things to do in Georgetown, Malaysia

Now, off to my second travelbook/travel guide! I now present you the Top 5 things to do in the Streets of Georgetown, which is located in the heart of Penang, Malaysia.


If you’re heart is kind of feeling some excitement right now to go and hunt for some street arts in Penang, or just wondering what to do or what to visit? Fret not! My travel book is now available for download for your Apple Device!  *hail Mac! 

The travelbook also has an available offline Map as your guide for your adventure! This is in collaboration with

Let me excite you with my not-so-recent-post during my visit in the most amazing with the most talented people…. *drumroll!!!*** Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia!

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Here’s how you can Wander in the Streets of Georgetown

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wandering in Georgetown

TravelBook by:
Deanna Sallao

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