Top 5 Exotic Foods in the Philippines

They say that you haven’t really been to the Philippines if you did not even dare to try one of these exotic “pinoy” street foods. First, let me say that I know it’s kind of weird, but just like any other countries these food are really made a mark for all the travelers who set their foot in the Land of Smiles, the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” … the Philippines!

1. Balut

It’s a must try here in the PH! Gather enough courage to eat this eleven-day old duck egg that is boiled to perfection!  You can find it anywhere, mostly on the street corners where vendors are. The trick is don’t look at the chick inside it. It actually looks gross but believe it or not, it’s delicious and best partner with any kind of beer. Don’t forget to add some salt or vinegar before you eat it!

2. Isaw (Chicken/Pig Intestine) 

This is my favorite of all the exotic foods I’ve tried. Have it grilled and dip it in vinegar and voila! An intestine going through your own intestines! haha! Make sure that you will buy from a well-known resto or jsut make sure that it’s clean. It actually tastes good than other grilled exotic foods in the Philippines.

3. Chicken Gizzard

Another exotic food to try is the Chicken Gizzard which can be found at any grilling food store/stall at any part of the Philippines. The texture is like a bubble gum, so it’s not crunchy at all! make sure you have a special bbq sauce as a dip! The taste is hard to describe but it actually tastes good!

4. Soup No. 5

This is the best soup you’ll ever taste in your life. haha! Made from bull’s testes and penis. It is believed to have some aphrodisiac properties! need I say more?

5. Adobong Salagubang (Fried June Bugs) 

Sibuyas RepublicNot your ordinary appetizer, aye? Yes! these are bugs deep fried! So crunchy that you could imagine the juice squeezing inside your mouth once you start to chew it! OMG! This bizarre dish can be found in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. So get your beer and start to pop this in your mouth!  Cheers, mate!

So far, what exotic dishes have you tried already? and from which country? Share your stories in the comment box below!  bon appetit !!!