Filipina and Traveling (Why You Should, Too)

Philippines, known as the Land of the rising sun and pearl of the orient seas. A home of 7,107 stunning islands, beautiful smiles, friendly people, warm accommodations, cheap stuff and many more.

I have started my journey traveling domestically at an early age. Since I grew up in a province I had the chance to enjoy what a “provincial” life has to offer; going for a swim in the nearest beach or ocean we can find; eating some snacks under a tree, going to visit my family from any other parts of the country and the story goes.

When I was growing up, my love for traveling became stronger and the eagerness in my heart is there, my restless feet are always up for an adventure every now and then and my curiosity to travel and discover Asia before any other continents is unstoppable.

Being a Filipina, I have encountered some discrimination from other parts of the world. Discriminating words and stares that questions my nationality and the Country itself where I came from. Being a Filipina, young and able to travel makes some other nationalities question my ability to do what I love. Let’s face it, other countries consider Philippines as a third world country (poor) in many aspects, but I will do my best to be a good citizen while doing what I love most.

Macau 2013


Malaysia, 2014


Hong Kong, 2013


Bali, 2014

When I go to other countries for a vacation or for work and introduce myself as a Travel Blogger, assumptions and questions from people or from other countries raising their eyebrows are normal. Questions like How can you afford to travel so much?”, “Do you have a rich family?”, “You must be living a dream, I wish I could do the same.”

Other people from other countries aren’t like us, (i.e. Westerners) most of the are taking a year gap before they make big decisions in life, or before they go to University. Some,  just work hard and takes 3 months Vacation leave and jump from one country to another.

Considering this kind of differences, when I started working after I graduated in a University, I have decided to save more for traveling and not too much on fanciful or expensive things. My friends are having their first Hermes or Givenchy bags, but I was sitting there in the four courners in our office and working my butt off, and dreaming the places  I wish to visit.

3 years ago, I have decided to focus more on my Travel Blog ( ), it’s like my online diary on where I have been and my thoughts all in one place in the cyberspace.   And from that point, the adventure continues. 

Some comments and emails I have been receiving is how to be safe while travelling. And how to avoid discriminations, so I have listed some pointers below that maybe you should consider as well.

Here are some pointers before you pack your bags and go: 

1. Be prepared with your Travel Documents

2. Don’t make any Immigration Officers in any parts of the world doubt your reason for travel

3. For God’s sake, never ever lie to the Immigration Officers!!!

4. Make sure that you have enough money for traveling 

5. Be prepared to be questioned (specially when you travel alone) 

6. Bring proper ID’s with you aside from your passport

7. Be proud to be a Filipino; young and traveling! 

Some Advice:  I know I’m yet far from being an expert, but when you know and feel deep inside your heart that traveling is your “calling”, follow your heart, follow your guts. Travel while you’re young, travel when you can. Don’t listen to what they say, Just go and see the world. You are only occupying a very small space of the world, there is so much more to see.

 One of my advocacies in life is to stop this discrimination to Filipino people who loves or dreams to explore the world.  We could show the world how beautiful our country is despite of the government that we have, the economy that we have and promote our own Tourism. Even if your passion is to explore neighbouring countries, never ever let them discriminate you. People will always have an opinion about anything, always remember, to each his own.  

P.S. I have also met tons of people along the way during my trips, and I am so happy that Filipino people (like me) are now being recognized as one of the most independent people in  the world! (hurrah!)

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