Travelbook: Top 5 Best Hostels in Manila

I’ve been on a hunt for the top 5 best hostels in Manila. After over a couple of months, the list is on for this ultimate “where should I stay in Manila?” guide. A quick guide to help you find the best place to stay in Manila without compromising comfort and will also let you save tons of money while you explore what Manila has to offer. image 1

With over a hundred of Hostels and hotels to choose from? Why not try staying in a hostel for a change? Not all hostels are scary and these top 5 hostels are revolutionary!

You can download this travelbook/eguide on any of your Apple Device. The travelbook also has an available offline Map as your guide for your adventure! This is in collaboration with Guess what’s on top of my list?  The Philippines’ first luxury hostel in the Philippines!  Download Createtrips for your Apple Device – Download this travelbook (Top 5 Best hostels in Manila) –

Manila Top 5 Best Hostels in Manila

TravelBook by: Deanna Sallao

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