The Mystical Island: SIQUIJOR

Alright. So I know you are thinking “Of all the Places, why Siquijor?”  Dubbed as a “Mystical Place”. Hearing this would let you think of ghost stories, witch-crafts, different kind of potions, faith healers, and many more.

Why in the world they would think of that in an Island which is next to a paradise? Or let’s just say it’s indeed a paradise!

My first thought was “Well, yes. It’s sounds scary but let’s give this island the benefit of the doubt. Why not explore it? Why not let it speak for itself? why not let this little piece of paradise prove me wrong? ” and the adventure continues…

Getting there:

  • Reached Dumaguete Airport from NAIA T3 (Philippine Airlines) at around 10ish in the morning.   I will suggest that you take the earliest flight as possible so that you still have time travelling by boat to Siquijor.  
  • Took a tricycle from the Airport to Dumaguete Ferry port  (fare: 150 PHP) 
  • Took a boat from Dumaguete Ferry Port to Siquijor (more or less than 2 hours via GL Shipping Line)  ticket price is sold at around 165 PHP per person.
  • Upon reaching Siquijor Ferry port, took a tricycle to our Guesthouse (U Story Guesthouse) which is located in San Juan, Siquijor which is like 30 minutes drive. (fare is 300PHP *fixed price)
  • Reached our Guesthouse ’round about 2ish in the afternoon.

Note that:  You can also take the Ocean Jet which will only take 35 to 40 minutes travel time.  It’s a bit pricy compared to the regular ferries. around 250 PHP to 300 PHP. 

Quick Facts about Siquijor Island:

  • located in the Visayas region of the Southern Philippines, 660km south of Manila and 130km south-west of Cebu
  • No commercial Airport
  • No fast-food chains
  • The size of the island is 343 Km2
  • Population is about 90,000 residents
  • has one of the lowest crime rate in the Philippines
  • mode of transportation: Tricycle and Scooter

Allow me to show you how this magical place could be your next destination! Let’s start with a Map!


(Click the image to zoom in) 

Places to See:

Cantabon Cave – is not really a developed cave, a not-so-easy horizontal passage; 300m long and most of the time about 10m wide.


It was my first time ever to explore a cave. Four things ( humid, dark, dirt, fulfilling) , after almost an hour of going back and forth, went out with some wound and bruises. hehe

Capilay Spring Park  – One of the main tourist attraction in Siquijor, located in the heart of San juan. Natural Spring where you can refresh after soaking in the ocean. Even though I didn’t get  a chance to get some snaps of this awesome spring park. Let me grab something on the internet for you.


Cambugahay Falls  – Also one of the main spots in Siquijor. There are 3 waterfalls here, just walk a little bit further and you’ll find the rest. Also a great way to interact with the locals!


and here I am, jumping into the water!


St. Isidore Labradore Church  and  Lazi Convent  – Constructed by the Spaniards in 1884, the Lazi convent is assumed to be the biggest  and the oldest in whole Asia. It is also believed to have been the vacation house for the Diocese’s priest at that time.

IMG_0561_edited IMG_0562_edited

Inside the old church. Don’t forget to say a prayer. 🙂

Siquijor  Beaches – Well, if you’re tired of the all-time crowded Boracay, this is the exact opposite of Bora. Quiet, less tourist, less night life, an island that truly defines SIMPLICITY. Also a very good spot for snorkeling, diving , exploring amazing corals and more. Plus, fine white sand, yes! you read it right!

IMG_0558_edited IMG_0559_edited IMG_0607_edited IMG_0608_editedSome mangroves too!


Simbahan ng Siquijor – One of must visit Philippine Churches in UNESCO World Heritage under Baroque Churches of the Philippines.

IMG_0549_edited IMG_0546_edited IMG_0545_edited IMG_0550

Lugnason Falls – the best waterfall in Siquijor for me. We’re the only tourists!


We also visited :

  • Dairy Farm ( I suggest you buy a mango flavoured fresh milk. OMG! Super thirst quenching! )
  • The Old Enchanted Balete Tree ( Try having a fish foot spa! A vey ticklish way to entertain yourself while inhaling mother nature’s breath!)
  • Faith healer in San Antonio (30 mins from San Juan, to meet one of Siquijor”s famous faith healer. Tada! got myself healed by her and even prayed over! *it doesn’t hurt to try)
  • Healers Festival (April 1 – 4, 2015)  at Mt. Bandilaan


  1. Number 1 lesson and I’ve learned it the hard way – GET CASH IN DUMAGUETE. they only have limited ATM’s which are available in the area. We only found one ATM which is Metrobank and we drove almost an hour just to get some cash! Very wrong.
  2. Hire a scooter (300Php/day)  you can get it from your hotel or from side streets
  3. Bring some mosquito repellant
  4. Bring some trainers with you; you’ll never know.
  5. Most of all, it’s not true that Siquijor is a scary place to visit. In fact they have the most friendliest people I have ever met in my entire life!

Next post would be:

  • Where to EAT
  • Where to STAY

One of the most amazing trip I will never ever forget. A piece of my heart will always belong to this beautiful island!

And I would like to finish this post with this amazing sunset!


Over to you, where will you be this season? let me know in the comment box below!