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Travel Apps that can help you save money!

Traveling the world sounds expensive but with the right tools and knowledge, one doesn’t need to spend thousands to enjoy the world. From packing the right things to getting the cheapest but most… Continue reading

WARNING: “Magical bullet can be planted in your luggage”, and you won’t even know how!

For the past few weeks more and more people were victimized by this “bullet-planting” scandal for extortion in Ninoy Aquino International Airports. I cannot even count it with my fingers both hands and… Continue reading

Blogberry #BeTheBestYouPlanner meet and greet with Laureen Uy!

This Saturday, July 11, 3pm at National Book Store TriNoma!

GIVE-AWAY! #TABturns2 (Ultra Slim Fit RF Therapy at iSkin Clinic, Manila)

TalkAboutBeauty turns 2! It has been an amazing 2 years of exploring amazing places both Domestic and International. Met different people, learned some new languages, volunteered in a Charity, and so many wonderful… Continue reading

Guest Bloggers are now welcome! ♥

Originally posted on TALK ABOUT BEAUTY:
Want your post to be featured on You have some brilliant idea on how to smart-pack? Any places you have visited recently? Want to expand your…

Air Asia ASEAN Pass: Your Golden Ticket to Explore Asia!

Air Asia now has a special offer for you to continue with your journey to explore Asia! ASEAN is a 10-country political and economic association consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia,… Continue reading

Filipina and Traveling (Why You Should, Too)

“Don’t listen to what they say, Just go and see the world. You are only occupying a very small space of the world, there is so much more to see.”

Some Travel Quotes To Keep You Going

Whenever I feel like giving up, may it be in something I am doing (work, projects, write-ups, etc.) , first thing I find myself doing is to visit my most loved “google” to… Continue reading

Saigon Charity Tour (Da Lat, Vietnam)

Tranquil. Giving. Caring. Happiness. Those are the 4 words that best describe this trip.We don’t even know what to expect and we just ” go with the flow”.Instead of the usual Tour this… Continue reading

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Why do you keep on searching for the unknown? why do you keep on pushing yourself to the limit? Why do you urge to travel and be lost? Why do you wander in… Continue reading