#TAB Fernweh Friday – Tips for Blogging on the Road

Author: Gloria Truong

#TAB – Travel Bug Tuesday : MANI

Mani ( http://www.anewlifewandering.com ) is a girl in her twenties with a name from India but born and raised in Mexico City. In 2008 she met her soul-mate (an American) while traveling in India.… Continue reading

Meeting You Before Sunset

Before Sunset I have known you for less than 24 hours. How love can be so quick and so easy to go?  I have met you while I’m busy catching the waves, feeling… Continue reading

Wanderlust: Bali, Indonesia (Day 1 – Seminyak)

The thought of traveling alone scared me at first, I know it’s normal to be frightened, anxious, feeling you want to give up and just forget your flight. But, going for an escape… Continue reading

Guest Bloggers are now welcome! ♥

Want your post to be featured on TalkAboutBeauty.co? You have some brilliant idea on how to smart-pack? Any places you have visited recently? Want to expand your readers? Or just want to share… Continue reading

BINGGO BALI VILLAS : A paradise of your own in Bali, Indonesia

Hello there! So, you are planning to visit the Island of the Gods and the Island where amazing people resides? Having a hard time where to stay for your long week vacation or… Continue reading

So You Want To Travel Alone?

I won’t ask you why, I won’t ask you for any reasons why you wanted to. I exactly know the feeling of daring yourself into braving new heights, new challenges, new world. It’s… Continue reading

BALI, Indonesia Meet-up

Hi Guys! I will be traveling to Bali this 23rd of September until the 27th. Will be staying at Seminyak for 2 nights and also at Kuta for 2 nights as well. After… Continue reading

Bucket List: BALI, INDONESIA Edition (*UPDATED!!!*)

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you… Continue reading

It’s my birthday! (VIDEO)