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Shared Post: The Modern Fear-Of-Falling-In-Love Syndrome

How can I not share this post if i share the same sentiments with the author? I just think its worth sharing, and worth reading! Flipping through http://www.thoughtcatalog.com page and found this entry,… Continue reading

Loosing my temper so easily.

 I know this isn’t a good post for you guys to read this morning. And, I am sorry.  I’ve been loosing my temper so easily these past few days, maybe because I’ve been… Continue reading

The Burger Project

I’m really not a foodie, I don’t like burgers either. Why?  Coz’ i don’t know how to eat them, Big buns really just don’t go in my way. But this  burger journey is an exception… Maybe its… Continue reading

Start from Scratch!

I haven’t posted anything since new year came. First of all I wanna greet you guys a happy happy new year! well, everyone has their own new years resolution, to start anew, to… Continue reading

20 steps to Happiness

I’ve stumbled across a post at my favorite website, its the http://thoughtcatalog.com I’ve been reading this website for about a year now, and it really helps me almost through everything, its all about everything… Continue reading

Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM and for HER

Christmas is fast approaching and is just around the corner, well, maybe you’re thinking on what gifts to buy for your special someone, it could be your dad, mom, sister, grandparents, best friend, best-man, etc…… Continue reading

EM COSMETICS by Michelle Phan

I’ve been a fan of Michelle Phan ever since she started recording useful make-up tutorials, also tips and tricks for ladies. It has been over couple of months now when she launched her… Continue reading

Wanderlust: ROMBLON

I really dont know why I’m such a beach bum/ beach baby/ beach babe whatever you call it. But the ocean and everything that surrounds it makes me really happy, especially when you’re… Continue reading

Wanderlust: BANGKOK

it was this year, January 3, 2013 when I went to Bangkok with friends. Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep… Continue reading