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Backpacking: Challenge Accepted!

“And I left all my baggage behind”  Bound from MNL -KLM, it was a sunny day, i wore jeans and cropped top to be comfortable during the flight. Last night I packed my… Continue reading

Quick Guide on how to go from Kuala Lumpur to Penang Island

“Let’s cross the bridge when we get there” and “we’ll get there” is one of my expressions in life. I was really fascinated when couple of my friends went to Penang Island, I… Continue reading

A “BIG THANK YOU” and Any suggestions of Hotel/Hostel to Review in Bali?

Hi Fella Wanderlusters,  I wanna take this moment to thank you for your support on my blog! I have received a lot of invites from hotels and hostels to review their accommodation. How… Continue reading

WANDERLUST: Malaysia, Truly Asia (1 day tour)

“I was blown away by the Petronas Towers! ”  the first thing in my mind when I saw the most famous tower in Asia. We left Manila around past 2 in the afternoon… Continue reading

10 Good Reasons to Travel Alone

So, I know that you have ever thought of traveling alone. To feel how awesome it is to wander in a foreign country without knowing anyone and be a complete stranger? A lot… Continue reading

Travel to Escape

Some people might told you how young you are, and how you should live your life. on how you should ” Carpe’ Diem”.