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Meeting You Before Sunset

Before Sunset I have known you for less than 24 hours. How love can be so quick and so easy to go?  I have met you while I’m busy catching the waves, feeling… Continue reading

Infected by a Travel Bug

I’ve been thinking about airplanes and airports lately, when i close my eyes, it reminds me of how many beautiful and sad memories the airports witnesses, how many hugs and kisses were shared.… Continue reading

Shared Post: The Modern Fear-Of-Falling-In-Love Syndrome

How can I not share this post if i share the same sentiments with the author? I just think its worth sharing, and worth reading! Flipping through http://www.thoughtcatalog.com page and found this entry,… Continue reading

Keep on Learning…. ( A Traveler’s journal #1)

While sitting on a bench past 8:00 in the evening waiting for my flight back home ( boarding at 10:00 pm)  from MFM – MNL I have thought all of the lessons I’ve learned… Continue reading

Start from Scratch!

I haven’t posted anything since new year came. First of all I wanna greet you guys a happy happy new year! well, everyone has their own new years resolution, to start anew, to… Continue reading