Travel Apps that can help you save money!

Traveling the world sounds expensive but with the right tools and knowledge, one doesn’t need to spend thousands to enjoy the world. From packing the right things to getting the cheapest but most comfortable lodgings, these apps can help you get the most out of your getaway.


Going on a trip without a personal itinerary is like heading somewhere and being completely vulnerable to external forces. Some hotels will make you pay double if you walk in to the lobby without making a prior reservation. If you want the best lodgings for a fairly decent price, download Desti. It’ll tell you exactly what a hotel is good for, whether it is its spacious rooms, cheap prices, good breakfast buffets or free Wi-Fi. The app reads customer reviews and then consolidates them into a list that specifies which hotel will serve a customer best based on his or her interests.

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It can be hard to find a place to eat at if you’re unfamiliar with a country. Don’t make the mistake of dining at a restaurant if you’re traveling on a budget. If you have the Eater it will provide you with a huge cross-section of blogs that recommend good bistros that don’t have marked up prices. Most of its recommendations are within the U.S. but soon; it should be able to offer suggestions for eateries outside America. What’s great about this app is that it uses a smartphone’s GPS capabilities to instantly find recommended eateries that are in close proximity of where they user is based when the search was undertaken.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a must have for first-time travelers. For starters, it will save a user from running to the nearest drugstore while on foreign soil by featuring a list of medicines that a tourist must always have in his or her bag.

Packing Pro has a neat feature that allows users to filter a list by person or bag. This means that you can create a list of your own and then make a page for your child to see what he or she plans on bringing along. Packing Pro uses the iCloud sync function so users can use it on multiple gadgets.

Perhaps there’s no better gadget to bring along during your travels than a smartphone. It can be your compass, map, flashlight, location finder, and even a source of entertainment during a layover. Gaming Realms, the company behind the massively-successful gaming platform Pocket Fruity, suggests that the huge shift of consumers from using laptops to smartgadgets is because of the latter’s advanced Internet capabilities that can quickly and conveniently find information while the users are on the go. Additionally, the practical nature of smartgadgets means they have become extensions of ourselves.

Enjoy your trip and remember; you don’t need a huge budget to enjoy traveling. If you plan your excursions thoroughly, you’ll generally be able to save a lot of money before you’ve even begun.

Over to you, what are your favorite travel apps?  Comment below. ❤