Wandering in the streets of Georgetown


“WANDERING – re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” – Anatole France

The place makes me feel like walking in an old town ten decades back, this tiny island with beautiful old houses and commercial spaces made me fall in love with the place itself. It gave me  butterflies in my stomach waiting to be free, waiting to be released and explore the place in one whole day. The adrenaline rush i felt to ride a bike again like a kid, to wander and be lost, to throw away my map and just go where my feet will take me.

I love old towns, i love old mansions, old houses, chocolates, white and flavored coffee’s, name it… Penang Island has it all for you! You can’t believe how happy I am for this trip, I’ve met a lot of locals and talking to them made me feel how beautiful life is through their eyes, and my belief in humanity was restored.

George Town is the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia. Named after Britain’s King George III, George Town is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island. I can say that this place was a bit underestimated , a lot of travel blogger are comparing it to Langkawi which is an Island as well in Malaysia. But for me, these 2 island are completely different from each other.

We woke up at 6 in the morning so that we can stroll around the streets of Georgetown, the bike is for free provided by Chulia Heritage Hotel where we stayed. We had some Chinese noodles for breakfast and it was so good, they call it “prawn spicy noodles”well yes, i love authentic Chinese noodles, they are simply the best.

After brekky, we went to see some street arts, how amazed I am how artistic this place is and I’m even wondering how many unrecognized artists were living there waiting for their own spotlights? Now I’ll let you see what I’m talking about.

Since Day 1 was craving for Authentic Chinese noodles, i know we were not in China, but a lot of Chinese are in this Island!

chinese noodles

This tiny little street in Georgetown has a little secret, well it’s not goin to be a secret anymore. Every Sunday people gather in the Beach Street and sell their hand-made crafts, home made foods and delicacies, let children play, walk their dogs, and there was even story telling for children! It’s like a big family outing going to a street festival and just have fun! One thing I’m happy about this “Sunday-in-Georgetown” is a very cool flash mob happened in the middle of the streets.

Here are some photos of  the “Street Arts in Georgetown” and photos i took wandering in the beautiful streets of Georgetown. . .

chinese noodles

” At some point of your life, you need to make decisions which way to go.” (Crossing Streets at Georgetown, Penang Island) 

chinese noodles

    How can you not love this place? it give you a sense of liberty? 

chinese noodles

This spot is just right infront of the Chinese Resto where we had our breakfast. It compliments with the resto. 

“it’s not Vandalism, we call it Street Art!

chinese noodles

the first street art we’ve spotted. It actually looks 3D in person, a bit creepy at night. 

chinese noodles

This isn’t  a painting, it is actually  a recycled steel, i mean how creative they are! 

chinese noodles“you should always, always be child at heart.” 

chinese noodles

” How can love exist only in paintings?” 

chinese noodles

” This painting is really huge!!!!  how adorable, right?  purrrr ” 

chinese noodles

“Jerry, I told you not to run-away from Tom, you guys were best of friends” 

chinese noodles

” Cats symbolizes  luck, i know, Meow!” 

chinese noodles

Capture 2” I tried to be mature, and think way more ahead than my age and it turns out I wanna be always a kid at heart.” 

Capture 2

” It doesn’t matter who you and what you are right now, what matters in the end is have you been nice to humankind? “

Capture 2

” The moment I saw my favorite Iconic Bombshell my heart stops from beating for 2 secs, how can this beauty makes me so happy!”

chinese noodles

” have you noticed that the door is closed? yes! Sunday most of the stores are closed.” 

Capture 2

“The Magical Georgetown Chambers”


 ” This old town is  more than 20 decades now,  i was fascinated, it’s like in a movie scene.” 


” A very exquisite old town, i can walk around Georgetown forever.” 

Earlier in my post I’ve mentioned how Sunday’s in Georgetown was like. We parked our bike and was curious on what’s going on,  People were like everywhere!

more photos please? 🙂


” A humongous snake and ladder game board!”


” Kids will always be kids. Let them be. “



” So yes, everyone had so much fun. This place is so magical, it can turn frown into a smile.” 



” Magic is something you make. ( Man sculpting souvenir items for sale)” 


” Charming how a single stroke of a traditional Chinese character can bring a lot of memories. “


” Can you take this massage? well, it looks dangerous, but its not! They’re having a good time” 


“What’s good about traveling is opening your eyes to different cultures.” 

12I‘m literally “LOST IN A DREAM” 


” I’ve never relied on someone for my dreams to come true, I’ve always have this mentality that if you want something, you have to go and get it. ” 


” This adorable puppy caught my attention, how can she be so pretty! ” 




” This baby will be on my food encounter tab, you know how i love ice creams!  oh my! very weird ice cream!”


” I wasn’t really surprised to see my friend doodle piece being sold at Georgetown, I am confident he’ll be a   big artist someday, I’m so proud of him! shout to you Kerby Rosanes” 

21” And the best thing about wandering in the streets o Georgetown is helping some locals, yep! I’ve sold so many goods for that man right there! I  am really a sales person, no wonder I work for a bank. haha! “

Memories are still fresh, every time I close my eyes every single thing happened during this journey is vivid. I can still remember people’s smile, their crisp laughter, their warmest welcome. How can you not love this place? It’s full of artists, full of dreamers, full of people with helping hands. I was in Neverland that everything is at peace, people doesn’t mind how much money they make but how they’ve helped someone at the end of the day. This place makes me dream again, not only for myself but also for others.  I’ve realized how lucky I am to meet people and without them talking I have learned so many lessons about life already.

Georgetown is a must visit place, shout out to the whole world that this place needs more tourist too! A unique island which shows how camaraderie works for each and everyone! It’s not so expensive here and mind you, this is a trip-on-a-budget.

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Terima kasih (Thank you) Penang Island!


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