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GIVE-AWAY! #TABturns2 (Ultra Slim Fit RF Therapy at iSkin Clinic, Manila)

TalkAboutBeauty turns 2! It has been an amazing 2 years of exploring amazing places both Domestic and International. Met different people, learned some new languages, volunteered in a Charity, and so many wonderful… Continue reading

#TAB Travel Bug Tuesday: Junie Capiral

Junie is someone who loves life, follows the middle road, believe in fate and destiny, one who loves to explore the inner and outer world, a human being, a part of the cosmos…

Travelbook: Top 5 Best Hostels in Manila

I’ve been on a hunt for the top 5 best hostels in Manila. After over a couple of months, the list is on for this ultimate “where should I stay in Manila?” guide.… Continue reading

Air Asia ASEAN Pass: Your Golden Ticket to Explore Asia!

Air Asia now has a special offer for you to continue with your journey to explore Asia! ASEAN is a 10-country political and economic association consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia,… Continue reading

Some Travel Quotes To Keep You Going

Whenever I feel like giving up, may it be in something I am doing (work, projects, write-ups, etc.) , first thing I find myself doing is to visit my most loved “google” to… Continue reading

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Why do you keep on searching for the unknown? why do you keep on pushing yourself to the limit? Why do you urge to travel and be lost? Why do you wander in… Continue reading

#TABadventures: Sinulog Festival 2015

Philippines is one of the most busiest country in the world in terms of festivals and events from different cities down to provinces. We have Pahiyas Festival, Penafrancia Festival and many more! Last… Continue reading

Highlights: Ngong Ping 360

Hong Kong experience wouldn’t be that memorable if you haven’t visited the Ngong Ping Village and riding the Cable Car with an absolutely breath taking view that will leave you speechless! The Ngong… Continue reading

Travelbooks from Createtrips

It’s such an honor to write for Createtrips.com, since I have created my first e-travelbook via Creatrips, the number of downloads are surprising!  Now, I am off to write my second e-travelbook! 

10 Wanderlust Movies of All Time

Catching a travel bug is a serious uncurable disease. You will find yourself in front of google or travel sites searching for the next place to visit, booking your next ticket or just… Continue reading