“ME-TIME” at MACAU 2014

It was indeed a stressful quarter for me, but there’s a sense of fulfillment each and every time i accomplished something. I planned a trip for my first out-of-the-country trip this year  (2014), and booked a ticket to Macau 1st or 2nd week of January.

I know you’ll be asking, “Macau, again????” for the nth time?? come on!!! ” 

I don’t know if you’ll understand my feelings, the urge to travel somewhere, to be a complete stranger to everybody, to eat your very own ice cream while walking along the busy streets. oh! how good life is! How thankful I am to have a job i love and to travel!

Going back, to answer your question , “Why the hell in Macau again?”  , My answer is because Macau is one of my favorite place to go to, to relieve every stress-fiber in my body.  To be able to feel the lux and comfy lifestyle at the same time! Oh! I love hotels! I can sit in a hotel lobby for an entire day! The calming scent of the hotels lobby, the feeling of I’m-in-heaven when I pass by high-end make up stores inside the hotel. Oh! Specially at The Venetian, my favorite, favorite place!

Ok, I will stop typing and blah blah and will let you have a peek of my once in a lifetime “me-time” trip!

Packed just one hand-carry bag with me:

For my travel charm, my ring fingernail should be different from the rest. 🙂

Instagram photo by deannasallao - Look who's having her lucky charm painted!!! Travel-charm  #nailsselfie

 First Day: And some  morning #selfie at my hotel  (stayed at Taipa Square Hotel Macau)

Went to Cafe Deco at the Venetian Hotel for my morning Coffee, got some Almond Latte to wake myself up

 and some  usual breakfast at The Venetian, some eggs, some bacon, tomatoes, hash-browns and some veggie sides! how cool life is?  i know!!!! in total, it costs me around HKD 190.00. not bad!!!

Second Day:

Went to The Venetian again to attend Macau’s finest Wine and Dine  Festival 2014, I’ve met a lot of people, a lot of socialites, a lot of elite people and random people too! I’ve learned so much on how to hold a wine glass, on how to smell it and know how old it is just by “sight, feel and smell” , this trip gave me something to digest, something to remember and something to cherish. here are some snap shots of Macau’s Wine and Dine Festival 2014.

With the Guest Speaker Mr. Chau…

The event organizer gave me 20 voucher passes to taste all the goodness in life through a wine.  I know! I know! I’m such a one lucky girl!!!

here’s my #OOTD  during the Macau’s Wine and Dine Festival 2014, Day 1.

Look! I’ve found heaven already!  haha! Macaroons baby!

Macau Day 3.

Went to the Galaxy Hotel with my friend and watched ” The Grand Budapest Hotel “, we laughed so hard!!!

And had some New York POUTINE… yum!

Day 4.
I’ve been craving for an authentic Chinese Squid noodles and found out this awesome restaurant!!! lookie lookie!

Went to the Grand Lisboa, and fell in love with the hotels interior design, even though its a bit old compared to other hotels, it still gives me the tingling sensation of wanderlust!

The following photos are goin to be a random one, i’ve already forgot when i took it. so here are they, giving you guys a glimpse!

Also visited the Diamond Hotel inside the Galaxy Hotel Macau and watched this HUUUGE Diamond! So fascinating!!!

Went to Ou Mun Cafe to try their best seller lunch ala carte! 🙂

And because i’m such a sucker for ice creams! Gorgeous, colorful ice creams I’ve bought!

And… some complimentary morning black coffee from the hotel

If I can still remember it correctly, photos below were taken during my second to the last day in Macau.

The famous, Ruins of St. Paul

and helped some  bunch of school kids with their “penny for a cause”…

Went to the Macau Cathedral to Thank God for a wonderful vacation! 🙂 how i wish i could walk down in this beautiful isle when i get married. How i wish!

I’ve visited Macau Tower, but didn’t try to go on a bungee jumping since it is very expensive for a 10 minutes adrenaline rush! anyways, just took a photo inside the tower…

and during my last day, went to Altira Hotel to visit their bar, however it was closed.  (poor me) haha! this is the exhilarating view!

and visited City Cafe at the City Of Dreams , one of my favorite Cafe on earth! (aside from CBTL, of course)

got some ” po lo bun”   and some brewed coffee

and this wonderful hot latte and the muffin which i forgot the name  (sorry)

And i kept a journal of my trip, some thoughts, views, and other realizations in life during this wonderful trip, come take a look, its just a click away!


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and special thanks to Macau’s Wine and Dine Festival 2014 event organizers, staff, speakers, you are all so kind! thank you! 🙂

(if you wanna check out cool photos during the festival, pls click this link http://winedinemacau.com/)

I am so grateful for the life I’m living right now, with great perseverance, faith, and patience you can be whatever you want to be in life.

Always keep your passion burning! Travel as much as you can, learn as much as you can especially from strangers, learn to trust yourself and  others as well. It’s a great teacher, and yes! you are right! Experience is the greatest teacher!

Hope I’ve inspired you in so many beautiful ways! and hoping you got something for your next travel!

Good luck! and all the best !


Deanna ( http://talkaboutbeauty.co )