10 Good Reasons to Travel Alone

So, I know that you have ever thought of traveling alone. To feel how awesome it is to wander in a foreign country without knowing anyone and be a complete stranger? A lot of questions I have received on how brave I am on traveling by myself. Why  I am not afraid of it. If you will be thinking of traveling with a bunch of group of people on a tour that you don’t even know, well you can think again… here are some 10 godo reasons why you should consider traveling SOLO. and yes! it is a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience! But surely, there’s a lot more reasons you can add on top of the list!

1. You dont need to ask for someone’s time

I am sick of people who always wait for the best time to travel, a little do they know that the best time they are waiting for is “NOW”. I dont wanna wait for them to block their bunch of schedules and have to book a yearbefore they wait to travel. I am tired of them wining on how much they have to shed to travel. Well, I am not that rich to travel in luxury, but i can travel on a budget and in style. I also dont know why some people are afraid of traveling alone, maybe they have this negative thoughts of what they might happen to them during the trip. but i guess positivity always win, if you set negativity aside.

2. You allow yourself to feel nervous and excited at the same time 


Remember how you first drove your car? the first time you rode a bike? the first time you did the bungee jumping? The first time you had your first kiss? your first day on your job? There’s one feeling in common, you are NERVOUS! and yes, i agree, it really takes a lot of courage, and everything has its first time, and you have to encounter it, you have to feel the adrenaline rush and most of all doing the things that makes you feel nervous! The first time I travelled solo internationally is when I went to Bangkok but my special someone (that time) met me at the airport, but the feeling of riding a plane solo with a bunch of pe0ple you dont know makes me feel nervous, makes me feel so excited to think of what is wating for me when i landed.

3. Its one of the best ways to find your inner-self 

One of the good things about traveling is not escaping, but finding yourself and knowing youself more in a deeper manner in a foreign land. How sweet it is to meditate and to just be yourself. When you travel, you give yourself time to grow and in a snap you might know things that you never knew you could do, like ask someone to help you out with your luggage and stuff, shyness away! 🙂

4. Instant help from a stranger! 

When you travel alone, there’s gonna be a whole lot of beautiful views out there, and you have to take a photo of it and of yourself of course, so you are gonna do that super awesome selfie with the scenery on the background, and while you are having a hard time looking for that perfect selfie picture a stranger offered you some help to take a photo of you instead.  Now, how cool is that?

5. You allow yourself to trust a stranger, and ” might fall in love “

Okay, so some of you might encounter this once-in-a-blue-moon experience of meeting some prince charming who just in a blink of an eye is goin to be right infront of your very own eyes? Maybe while you are having a hard time carrying all those luggages that you have while grabbing a taxi from the airport, and some just offered you a very nice helping hand and whooop! magic! you just clicked together! and maybe, just maybe that person is your soulmate! well, thats another good thing about travelling, you’ll never know who you will meet along the way!

6. You can do whatever you want as long as you can handle it

Traveling SOLO makes you the craziest version of yourself, you can also be the nicest person you’ll ever meet too! you can lay down on the hammock beside the beach and just meditate, or you can go wild and crazy! you can ride a motorbike as long as you have your international drivers license with you and your travel insurance! you can do whatever you want as long as you can handle it without anyone’s consent!

7. You can  shop til you drop and would never have to mind if you are bothering someone’s time 

Ladies and gentleman, when you travel alone say for example Hongkong, you will be tempted to shop til you drop! yes and yes! you can buy perfumes that aren’t knock-offs on their lowest price ever, especially when they go on sale everyone is crazy about sale. When you travel alone, you won’t have to consider anyone’s time specially when it takes you ages to choose for that perfect dress or perfect neck tie, you wont have to mind someone waiting for you outside of the shop who doesn’t stop looking at his watch (rude!) , so traveling alone can somehow makes your life eezy-breezy.

8. It gives you freedom and liberty 

When you travel by yourself, it gives you that weird feeling of liberty and excitement, it awakens your soul into a while new level of existence, it sends shiver on your spine that you can’t even explain when you are about to jet-off, oh! what a wonderful moments to cherish forever! you can eat your own ice cream while strolling and doesn’t have any single care in the world.

9. You can have friends with some locals! 

When you travel, makes sure you don’t be a tourist, make sure that you blend with the locals, blending means you have to mingle with them, you have to at least talk to them and learn something from them, you’ll never know what lesson you could get from them, and sometimes its something you can truly value. You can have beer with them, and know how their life is, not to compare it with your life but at least widen your perspective and knowledge about life and humanity. It will make you a better person, plus a friendship that is worth keeping! you migh get free accomodation in the future, you will never know! 🙂

10. Lastly,  you can be whoever you wanna be.

For me, the best thing about traveling is you can be whoever you wanna be, you can speak french language in russia, you can speak spanish in America, you can play, play, play and not reveal who truly you are. You can choose if you want to reveal yourself or not, its all your choice. Have fun with it. At the end of the day we are  all dreamers, and dream chasers.