Backpacking: Challenge Accepted!

“And I left all my baggage behind” 

Bound from MNL -KLM, it was a sunny day, i wore jeans and cropped top to be comfortable during the flight. Last night I packed my things, and challenged myself to be a backpacker (literally), to just bring one back pack and go. For the past couple of years I have been struggling to squeeze all of my stuff into my luggage, my hand bag and my purse. Yes, i bring all of the unecessary things with me when I travel. So I have to leave all my unecessary baggage behind.

I admit, I really had a hard time deciding if I really should bring my luggage or just accept the challenge of back-packing.  And to tell you honestly, it is so hard!!! All thumbs-up for those back-packers out there!

“Backpacking challenge, accepted!” 

i can’t imagine how amazing it feels if you will leave all of those unecessary baggage behind and just jet-off. If you bring those baggage with you on your flight, its a burden. that’s the reason why we have those “travel-must-haves” so that you know what to bring and not to bring with you on your trip.

I am not talking only about things, I am also talking about emotions. If you will let those emotional baggage with you on your trip, the trip won’t be fun as compared to travelling light and care-free. “It’s like letting go of your bad tooth, even if it hurts to let go of it, YOU HAVE TO. “  Imagine if we all travel light,  you can move from one place to another in a snap. Imagine if we all travel light, without those emotional baggage with us  and see what a bliss to let go of things that makes you sad.

I know it’s not applicable to all,  but do you really need those bulky things that isn’t necessary?

And I challenge you, can you be a true backpacker?

Let me know your thoughts!


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