Travel Essentials Must-Haves

Aviary Photo_130495685837962718 I have been travelling approx. 4-5 times a year. For a vacation; To visit my friends; to my own hometown; to my friends next pajama party. 2 years ago, I pack each and every single thing in my vanity drawer, and I have realized that some of them aren’t actually what I really need and I am just over packing. I know you will be saying that “it’s better to be ready than sorry”, but if you are actually travelling back and forth you wont be needing those unnecessary things. I have one rule when packing my traveling essentials and that is… “Don’t bring those that you can just buy on the place that you’re going to” I have 1 pouch which I only use when traveling, inside it are my travel must-haves and all of them are not more than 100ML so that there would be no problems when flying, I prefer hand-carry rather than checking-in, I really hate waiting at the baggage counter just to get my things. But we are all different, if its going to be a long-haul flight I’d rather check my luggage in and just relax when I board the plane. “It feels good to travel light!” As most of you have requested for this post, I will be sharing my travel must-haves and these are the things I usually use. I would love to hear your suggestions of the products that you use too, so that I can give it a shot for my next adventure (just place your comments below) *wink! Without further ado, here are my Top 9 Travel Essentials Must-Haves: 1. Ethyl Alcohol I always bring Alcohol with me, this is of course for personal hygiene.  It’s also one way to protect yourself from being sick. Imagine how dirty your luggage is, even your own money! 2. Moisturizer The first thing to keep in mind when traveling is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It helps your skin breathe and hydrated all day! Mr. Sun might be so harsh most of the time! I also suggest moisturizers with SPF 15 to SPF 50 with PA+++ and also ones that protects you from UVB and UVA. I prefer water-based and oil-free moisturizers and also hypo-allergenic. It also reduce pre-mature signs of ageing, so you can keep that youthful glow! 3. Facial Wash/Scrub Your skin will be exposed to heat, pollution, and other harmful rays from Mr. Sun. Rule number 2: Never go to bed without cleaning or washing your face! It is very important to avoid breakouts. You don’t want zits whilst traveling for that picture-perfect skin. Washing your face allows your pores to breathe and relax after being exposed all day long, it also takes care of your skin and fights free radicals and revive worn-out skin cells! So you feel refreshed! Tip: choose a facial wash/scrub with vitamins C and E because it is easily absorbed by the skin to enhance skin’s elasticity. 4. Facial Scrub This has been my favorite ever! It is so soft and delicate to the skin! It removes all the dirt that cannot be removed by washing face alone. It also scrubs off dead skin cells leaving it soft and supple! I only use it twice or thrice a week because too much scrubbing is bad for your skin. You can find this facial scrub at any supermarkets, drugstores, at Watsons or even at Ulta. 5. Facial Mask I know for some this is not necessary, but facial mask can really help regenerate, restore and it’s also another way of taking care of your face!  My current favorite is this Snail Collagen Essence Mask that was a gift from my friend when she went to South Korea! Yes, Asians loves Mask and anything that enhances beauty.  They have snake, snail, venom creams too! I know its crazy but I think its really pays-off! I use it before I sleep! 6. Intimate Wash Girls, you know this is very important! 7. Deodorant It’s one of the most important thing you have to bring! You want to keep yourself fresh and dry all day long! 8. Shampoo and Conditioner Keep your hair healthy while braving the sun!  I only bring sachets to save some space, hotels shampoo’s and conditioner’s are also the bomb! Please don’t tell the hotel staff that I love bringing them home! Haha! 9. Body Soap This soap has been my favorite of all time! It gives my skin the nutrition it needs like Vitamins C and E plus Collagen! I love citrus fragranced soaps or body wash, it energized my skin and my senses too. Nothing can beat  a warm bath! Aaaah….. feels so good! 10.Toothbrush (not in the photo) Having a clean teeth and healthy gums plus a fresh breath is a must in our daily lives, specially when you are traveling! So there you have it! Body Lotion is a must have too, but I can just buy lotion anywhere, my skin isn’t really sensitive. I can’t travel without those 10 must-haves I have mentioned! How about you? What are your Travel Essentials Must-haves? I would love to know them all!   Xx Deanna ( )