The Burger Project

I’m really not a foodie, I don’t like burgers either. Why?  Coz’ i don’t know how to eat them, Big buns really just don’t go in my way. But this  burger journey is an exception… Maybe its time to try some burgers, its not gonna hurt if I try anyway.

Went to The Project Burger with my friends couple of weeks ago, so just letting you know that this post is really a bit late, but it think its worth a share. 🙂

Okay, so i created my own burger. its a C-Y-O-B or “Create-your-own-burger” thinggyyy., and i named it “THE TRAVELER’S BURGER” i was thinking it should be my blog’s name “BURGER WANDERLUST” but never-mind, i was so hungry i didn’t even mind. hahaha!

Here’s my C-Y-O-B list –


So i chose Angus Beef  as my patty, Buns with sesame seeds, some mozzarella, and of course my favorite sauteed mixed mushrooms,  lettuce and tomatoes  and garlic sauce!!!  So, ready with the finished product???  (drumroll……… )


yummy! isn’t it?  I was so full, Imagine I finished all of it?! Yes! and I’m not a burger person, but this one, i really really love it! they taught me how to eat the burger properly, with tips and tricks! (messy but it was fun! )

This is one of the best burger in town I;ve ever tried! And its worth the traffic and hassle. haha!

Here’s their facebook account, take a quick look!


And, here’s a review of THE BURGER PROJECT for your reference :

Hope you got something for your next food adventure!


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