Meeting You Before Sunset

TalkAboutbBeauty: Sunset Rendezvous

Before Sunset

I have known you for less than 24 hours. How love can be so quick and so easy to go? 

I have met you while I’m busy catching the waves, feeling the sand in my toes, and the air swirling in my skin.  You were there, the “hot-surfer-guy” who is absolutely stunning and no questions about your amazing smile that instantly drew me to you. It was one mid-afternoon; sun is still up, shining through my eyes, waves kissing the shore and yes, you were there. 

The stories we’ve shared and the jokes we cracked, the crisp laughters that echoes and goes along with the ocean breeze. I was amazed how can someone just hit you in your heart right before your very eyes when you don’t believe in fairytales, castles, dragons and prince charming anymore.

How can someone prove you that it’s okay to open up yourself again, to be what you were before, to feel those butterlfies in your stomach again waiting to be free. How amazing you did that to me, how amazing i just met someone whom I can truly be my siliest self.

How can you flash that widest, brightest smile I have ever seen in my entire existence? How can you be so gentle and made me say ” you are different”? How can someone be so ridiculously gorgeous and just made the crowd stop when I look into your eyes? How can you freeze the moment and just make it all worth it?

After Sunset

The moment I saw your pupils dilated when we were having dinner, it made me feel alive again, it was like magic that made me happy like a kid inside again. How amazing you made me feel.

The feeling how we just laughed about everything.

The most romantic thing was the walk at the beach in the evening right after dinner. How the waves agreed to our stories, to our experiences, to our journey, to our meeting.  The sound of the waves matches the sound of your heartbeat while my head rested on your chest, and it just made the most amazing music I’ve ever heard.

How we live in a completely opposite world, stretching from north to south that even miles will get tired of counting how far you are from me.  How you made me feel alive again after couple of years guarding my heart, how we didn’t make any promises of goodbyes but more of hello’s. How wonderful it is to meet someone like you and feel how it is to be me after all.

How traveling makes you numb of goodbyes; how it makes you an expert saying “see you soon”. 

Before Sunrise 

It’s more than 15 hours and you were still there; sitting. Still having our conversation on what life has to offer; figuring things out on how we could say the hardest but necessary “goodbyes”, on how we could utter those words without feeling a lump in our throats. The moment we felt like our most least favorite word needs to be said, it made me feel sad, like a pinch in my heart that I know it will be just a memory in my head that I could replay, like our favorite movie scene.

At the Island of the Gods; in the middle thousands of strangers; riding the waves…  I met you. brzy se uvidíme! 

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